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You can choose a pre-generated group made by fellow story-teller and follow their story. Everyone should be allowed to follow the story but do not add or remove party members out of respect for the group's creator. If you really want to add character, Create your own group or a story arc that include thems.

List of parties:

D&D: The Howling Wolves This group of adventurers recently came to Waterdeep from Baldur's Gate, seeking work.

D&D: The Sisterhood of the Vale This female-only group hails from the local regions and grouped together to do some good in the world.

D&D: The Red Lions A group of male adventurers are looking for a good old quest.

D&D: The Crimson Dame Three women and their squire's lives are about to change after the group get their hand on a cursed loot.

D&D: The Scarlet Lilies A knight, a wizard, a thief and a dancer continues their life of adventures.

D&D: The Chalice Seeker A group serving a dark master band together in order to recover an artifact of power.

Here's a template to create groups rapidly:

D&D: Group template

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